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Orphen Complete Collection DVD

Orphen The Perfect Collection
A must-have for fans of anime and magic alike, Orphen is the exciting and adventurous quest of a young sorcerer as he desperately tries to rescue a beautiful enchantress from a curse that has transformed her into a fierce, vengeful dragon. Together with his apprentice Majic and the spoiled heiress Cleao, Orphen must battle his treacherous instructors from the magical university the Tower of Fang, armies of stone golems, swarms of giant insects, rogue masked avengers, renegade robots, and two dastardly little trolls.

Orphen is an adventure like no other! And now you can have all the thrilling swordplay, captivating spells, wicked humor, and charming characters in one action-packed collection!

Orphen Season 2 - Revenge (Vol. 1) DVD

Orphen Ruins and Relics (Vol. 3) DVD

Orphen Spell of the Dragon (Vol. 1) DVD
When the most prestigious university of magic in the land loses Orphen, their most talented student, they'll do anything to get him back. Unfortunately for them, Orphen has bigger plans than majoring in spell casting - namely tracking down a mysterious dragon, the Bloody August. Together with his young apprentice, a spoiled heiress, and two cranky trolls, Orphen must battle both the Bloody August and his old teachers, advanced sorcerers who posses frightening power and even more dangerous secrets! Experience the magic, the adventure, and the excitement that spawned the hit video game of the same name. Let Orphen cast a spell on your whole family. Don't miss a single adventure.

Orphen 2 Revenge Vol 6 DVD

Orphen The Soul Stealers (Vol. 5) DVD

Orphen Season 2 - Revenge (Vol. 5) DVD

Orphen Super-Natural Powers (Vol. 2) DVD

Orphen 2 Revenge Vol 4 DVD

Orphen 2 Revenge Vol 2 DVD

Orphen 2 Revenge Vol 3 DVD

Orphen Mystere (Vol. 4) DVD
In this volume, a murderous doll traps Orphen in the City of Canals, forcing the young sorcerer and his friends to fight for their lives against an enemy who definitely isn't playing around. Then, when the conniving Volcan falls ill, Orphen must put aside his mistrust and find magical herbs to rescue him. But once Orphen returns, he finds his friends are disappearing one by one. Is the kidnapper the mysterious Black Tiger? Or is it something far more sinister? Finally, the Tower of Fang issues an order calling for the destruction of the dragon Azalie, giving Orphen and his friends no choice but to risk capture and return to the College of Magic to search its vast library for the Book of Shadows.

Orphen The Third Talisman (Vol. 6) DVD
 As the trolls Volcan and Dortin take healing herbs to the ailing dragon, the young sorcerer Orphen and his friends enter the Room of Knowledge to translate the mysterious runes. If they can do this, they can at last locate the last talisman that will save the dragon. But there are others against them who don't want them to succeed. The devious sorcerer Flameheart will stop at nothing to destroy Orphen. The mysterious Azalie continues to manipulate body and soul for her own evil agenda. And the lovely Cleao finds she accidentally holds the key to saving Orphen-and rescuing the dragon! Don't miss the conclusion of the year's most enchanting, animated adventure!

Orphen Scion of Sorcery : Official Strategy Guide
Can You Solve the Hidden Mysteries of Chaos Island? BradyGAMES Orphen: Scion of Sorcery Official Strategy Guide features a detailed walkthrough with descriptions of each quest, Combat resources list, Elemental and Projectile Sorcery, Complete listings of the weapons and items and where to find them. 


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